Sunday, December 11, 2011

hip hop plus santa claus plus doughnuts

my wife and i do not put santa anywhere near center stage during the holiday season. we have never been to the mall for the photo with santa. we usually seem to find our way to a visit with the jolly old man somewhere, and last year was a particularly memorable one. somehow, we (my wife,) found out that santa was going to be at a krispy kreme doughnut store on a certain weekend, and somehow, this seemed like the place for us to pay him our visit. we showed up to a festive dj spinning some hip-hop tunes for a local station, "the party." inside the store, there were few people there to see santa, and my kids were not overly excited about the scene, except for the doughnuts. honestly, i think that i took a photo, but i'm not positive. i think that the santa, who was crammed into a tight corner, was not very excited about the scene. i did eat some doughnuts though, and that was good ho ho ho.

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