Friday, December 16, 2011


i really do enjoy coffee shops. i love to steal slow moments away from the hurried pace of life, and sitting at a coffee shop is often where these moments occur. i met this gentleman at a particular location that serves the juice of the roasted bean, and we have become intimate in a wonderful sort of way. he is an artist, a writer, and we seem to have our hearts in the same creative type of place. he wants so much out of his existence, both for himself and to share with others. at times, he too seems like the life force energy is going to come pouring out of him like a flood. he likes to tell subtly animated stories, and he uses gesture and inflection like an actor. he has written a musical. he is a dad, and he can tile a floor. he doesn't really like to cut the grass, especially when it's hot. he is now mostly a vegetarian, and he is feeling great about it. he would like to spontaneously read poetry in public places. he is inspired. he cares. he is troubled by these things sometimes. he endures and he loves... he loves coffee.

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