Friday, December 30, 2011


this is my wife's best friend, if they were still in fourth grade, but really, she is a best friend. they met at college, and they have continued to support each other since then. they have lived together more than once, and they get together at least twice a year, even though this newly manicured woman lives all the way across the country. there are winter and summer visits when this dr. is not teaching college. there are random "girls' weekends" when these two and two other friends get together for feminine festivities like wine and conversation. this dr. is one intelligent woman who has recently had her first book published on the "music culture of the lower mississippi delta before the civil war." she is a treat to have as a house guest, and my daughters love entertaining her. here, she is displaying the first executed manicure by my oldest daughter, in blue. she is my friend too.

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