Thursday, September 30, 2010

what i have learned...

what i have learned: if your a man with a camera, and you approach a woman by herself in a dark parking lot, and you ask to take her picture for a project that you are doing... she is extremely likely to say, "No." she may have a handful of other choice words to share too. if the same man approaches two women in the same parking lot, and they are both on cell phones and have been drinking sake at a japanese steakhouse, the outcome to the same request for photos is much different. as i (who was said man with camera,) sit here, i think that it's possible that i could have joined them for a long night of drinks and conversation and revelry after i finished with the photos if i had wanted to. it was another memorable moment that i will not soon forget. i will add that the woman not pictured here did mention that she had a gun in her car (bluffing,) if i was to try something unacceptable.

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  1. Speaking as the one not photographed.. Dane was a complete gentleman.. and he would have been welcome to share our sake.