Monday, September 6, 2010

wings on the way

i am guessing, that if you live in nashville, you know this young woman. she is my sister, and to hundreds/thousands of locals, i am her brother... they "know" of me because of her. she has social skills, that if harnessed properly, could probably solve our dependence on oil. she is willing to approach most anyone, and it is because she cares for people. her joy and her spirit are contagious. her heart is her guide, and though it may lead her astray, the journey is why she is here, and she soaks the living up everywhere she goes (as i write, she is in the south of france for the second time assisting with a yoga retreat.) she is also in the midst of promoting a children's book that she co-authored with a friend. these photos are from the release party for the second edition; yes, she is wearing a butterfly body costume... waiting for wings. she goes for broke when she goes for something, and as some of you may know, with this approach, the result is often BOOM or BUST. her BOOM is coming soon, i can feel it... she has put in overtime serving others and the good of the world. her wings are on the way.

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