Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tamed for a moment

a couple of years ago, i began the process of constructing a photography project (not this one.) i am hoping to document artists in their studios (preferably, during the process of working on a show.) the space that an artist creates at this time is a galaxy unto itself, and to document it would be a tiny bit like mapping outer space. and the fact that many artists become very protective of their studio space during production runs could make my endeavor quite challenging. the ferrel artist, in this environment, is dangerous... prone to lash out with emotional outbursts and wordy, heady, tangent laden ramblings about the meaning of their work... it is not always a pretty sight. but, it is beautiful and human. i had two artists refuse to allow me into the studio, and my momentum for that project slowed. the subject featured here tried to shoo me off with comments about how much he had going on, and that it "just wasn't a good time." gently, i pushed harder, and he eventually conceded. i try to open up the bigger picture to these artists, and i mention "historical documentation," and, voila... hopefully, the luck will continue as i try to tame more ferrel beasts. anyway, this particular artist is moving deeper into "art for art's sake," as he invests buckets of time and money to complete a project that has a most tiny niche market. he is going for broke, and that is priceless. he believes, and i believe with him. (not to blow his cover, but his project is built around a year back in the early 1800's that went without a summer. he is using tree ring imagery and vinyl records and nature sounds to explore a big moment in time.) i am honored that he shared his space and time with me (for two projects.)

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