Sunday, September 12, 2010

ready or not...

i recently had an opportunity to do some interior painting for a wonderful young woman who had just purchased a home for herself (and apparently her brother) for the first time. in the brief week that i was involved in her life, i made some simple observations... Side Note: painting interiors offers this wonderful benefit/perk... i get these small, intimate glimpses into peoples lives at random, particular moments. i have wished at times that i would have started a book years ago of all of the people and their spaces and their stories... oh, well. maybe, next time. So, this client shared with me that she had just recently passed the BAR "exam" on her first attempt, and that she thought that it was fairly easy. evidently, she was having a much more difficult time with the process of buying a place and getting situated in it. i'm not sure what was causing her so much trouble (besides finding the perfect color for her bedroom and bathroom... i think we settled on Breathtaking) but, on a human/observer level, it was a thrill to watch her uncomfortably wiggle through the process... growing pains. big transitions are not meant to be easy, they are meant to foster growth, strength, and character. amen.

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