Monday, September 13, 2010


i am now officially the parent of a kindergartner... and here she is in full glory. i have created a lot of things in this artistic life, but this is one of the few crown jewels. she is, and always has been, a true blessing. her spirit is fully engaged 99% of the time, and she spreads it on everything as she roars through life. (i am having a fairly difficult time right now, sifting through all of the ways that i want to say so many things about her.) Kindergarten will be a most appropriate place for her. she has a strong desire to learn, to do things "right," and to teach and correct when things are not done "right." it could end up causing a problem or two, or, it will be her ticket to something great. her teacher has already shared with me that my daughter likes to correct her... and, so far, the teacher seems o.k. with this. my girl is a social giant; since she could talk, she would say, "Hi." to everyone who crossed her path. she is not a giant on the soccer field because she really just wants to make eye contact with the other players and talk with them. she loves people. her intensity is hard to keep up with at times, and, strangely, i am one of the ones from whom she gets that trait. i am totally amazed by this little person; she has taught me so much... as if i am the kindergartner.

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  1. This kindergartner is one of my favorite people. I miss getting to see her every day. Tell her howdy for me.