Thursday, September 23, 2010

boy cliches

there is something about boys... as they say, "they will be boys..." as with the post on girls, i could write for days about men cliches. i won't do that here. these pictures (again,) mostly speak for themselves, and i am both humbled and pleased that this project has offered such nutrition for my creative hunger. the guy at the bar wearing the shaved head made a late evening portrait as perfect and easy as i could ever imagine; he recognized me from high school, and he spoke up; little did he know what door he opened. immediately, i knew and he soon found out... he was supposed to be part of this project. the black shirt with new patches, the great shaved head, beard, the attitude, and he was (like so many others) so willing to slide into character for this moment. as i am not usually one to use a flash... i have my doubts when the situation arrives when i need to, but here it was perfect (in my opinion.) the gentleman with the "loppers," is a neighbor of mine, and he a wonderful neighbor. i am the type of guy who gets shoes on early in the morning, and i keep them on until very late at night... i associate having shoes on with being prepared to go and do at any given time, and as the "owner" of 3 businesses, i think i need to be ready to go except when i sleep. for my neighbor, i think that the hat serves him the same way. whether i see him at six in the morning, or eleven at night, he is capped... and ready. (this morning, by 7:30, he was on a ladder in the yard, working on several birdhouses... with his hat.)

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