Friday, September 17, 2010

and for dessert

i had a lovely date with my wife one evening several weeks ago, and for dessert we split a portrait of the day... a la mode. this fine character slipped out of the market where he was working to have a smoke, and lucky for me (and any of you others that would like to consider yourself lucky,) he begrudgingly agreed to participate in my little project. he put up a pretty tough fight in hopes to not be bothered at that particular moment, but my gentleness and stubbornness (taurus, the bull,) turned out to be a winning combination... again. upon my first query, he was willing to go along with the photograph, and then i mentioned the release form... he grumbled something about how he was at work and didn't have time for filling out any form. i produced the form for his inspection, and it evidently appeared to be much less work than he thought it would be... so, he began to do business. suddenly, without warning, he gruffs about all the info that is asked for, and really doubts that he wants to be sharing such vital stuff with a stranger like me. then, more gentleness and stubbornness, and he gave way. the scene and setting was absolutely perfect; i was not going to back down from this. this project needs this guy. i/we are lucky that i did not ask him to do any more than sit and smoke, because i think had i requested anything else, he would have jumped ship. so, he sat and smoked and coughed (and he even apologized about the constant coughing and said that he couldn't stop,) and i shot away... eating up every crumb and licking the bowl of this delicious dessert. bon apetit, ya'll.

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  1. That's Mark - he works at Jack's. Love Mark! Very sweet guy and totally watches out for Sylvan Park. Nice shot!