Saturday, October 2, 2010

singing with her life

i first came to know this young, dreadlocked woman after leaving the first university i attended. she worked at the O' restaurant, and a friend and i would go there on the occasional weekend for the champagne brunch... kinda ridiculous, but, i was 19. she and i started hanging out, and we forged a friendship that has endured the years. about fifteen years ago, she and i were both students at a local university, and she began singing jazz standards with a guitar player. we would randomly drop by each other's places to keep up with each other, and as two creative types, the support was always special. then, in '99, she asked me to join she and her boyfriend in a house that they were hoping to rent... i signed on, and the adventure continued. i was not at my best during this time, and maybe they weren't either; it was memorable for sure. she was on her way up the local jazz charts, and she continued to climb as she began to take on the world. she has traveled far and wide, singing her big heart out, and she has brought joy to tons of thousands of people. she is a big spirit out there in the world, and when i ran into her on this particular day, i discovered that she had begun sharing that spirit with the girls scouts... and i thought, how lucky those girls are to share time with this talented, big hearted, singing beauty? i am blessed to call her a friend.

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