Sunday, October 31, 2010

appropriate responses

sometimes, when i am out and about looking for a portrait, i am accompanied by my two lovely assistants... two little charmers that i call my daughters (and yes, they do get paid... a lot.) i have been know to utilize their talents (wackiness,) to bring out the best smiles from my subjects. on this young boy, it backfired just a little bit, but, on the other hand, it worked just perfectly. his response was an extremely understandable reaction to the onslaught of gibberish that my oldest little girl was spewing. if i wasn't in charge of holding the camera, i would have followed his lead. this particular evening, i was lucky enough to have this boy and his mom and twin brother stop by my house for the portrait. about two hours earlier, i had spoken with the father about hoping to get his son involved in this project, and i guess that he shared my request with his wife, and she made my job much easier for the evening. i just hope that this kindergartner forgives me for unleashing my kindergartner on him... by the last look on his face, i believe that i am forgiven.

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