Friday, October 8, 2010

a force of good

there is a day care in my town that is going beyond the call of duty. the program is set up to take care of children of single, low income parents who cannot afford daycare, and who cannot afford to stay at home with the kids. i was lucky enough to have the opportunity to photograph the children at the school for a fundraiser that this woman here helps put together every year. from my brief time with her, i noticed that she is a sparkplug... she can make things happen at various levels, from the production of the idea through to the execution of it. after i was done with my part of helping her for the fundraiser, she asked if there was anything that she//they could do for me... i didn't know of anything in particular at the time, but, because i know that she could seriously get something done, i imagine that i will call on her services at some point in the future. she is a force of good to be reckoned with indeed.

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