Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i have one brother-in-law, and he is a good one to have. he is funny, genuine, kind, laid-back but fiercely competitive (especially in monopoly and rummy and maybe bowling,) he possesses excellent wood shop skills, and he likes to eat from the center of a pan of brownies. as of last weekend, he is a loving husband. three of these photos were taken at my in-laws house as we spontaneously celebrated his engagement... and the other was from the wedding day. he grew up under the tutelage of three older sisters, which is no simple task to survive it unharmed. he had been dating his girlfriend for four years, and the last year or so came with unsolicited suggestions and encouragements which he seemed to take like he takes just about everything... in easy-going stride. it has been a joy to watch him undergo the changes that seem to occur when one becomes vulnerable and allows another to affect such change on a person's life. through my wife, his sister, i heard that he said something like something i said after i got engaged... what a fantastic relief (release of worry and doubt) it is when the question no longer lingers about who you will love as a partner, and who will love you (forever.) it quiets so much of the young monkey mind, and i have seen it work magic on my brother-in-law.

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