Sunday, October 17, 2010

the other red meat

it's a little difficult for me to look at these photos, as the abundant crops of summer's harvest have crept to a slow yield.

the tomato... a most delicious gift from the ground... so wonderful, though it seems as though it should be a vegetable, it is indeed a sweet fruit. countless sandwiches were consumed this summer with the fresh "red meat" of this jewel jammed in between plenty of different tasty partners... with varieties of cheese and varieties of mustards... with the B and the L of the infamous BLT... the stripped down version with salt and mayo... the breadless sandwich with a pinch of salt... and on and on ad infinitum. soon, the store shelve will be stocked with the (almost offensive in comparison) off season version of the real thing, and the flavors will not be the same again until next summer arrives. but, it sure was fantastic while it lasted. this dear woman was one of the "dealers" that fed my addiction, and she was as sweet as the fruit that she sold. until we meet again...

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