Monday, November 1, 2010

a Bert to my Ernie

it is difficult to get my brain around where to go with this blog post... you see, this is my brother... genetically, the closest thing in the world to me. our relationship is surely one of the most meaningful ones i have, hands down. we shared a room from my birth until he left for college; he is the Bert to my Ernie. i still most likely talk to him at least once a day. we have been through everything together, and we have somehow "gotten along" the entire time (and when i say entire, i mean with the exception of the extremely rare moments when we didn't, but i don't really remember more than five.) it feels like a rare relationship; a well-done blessing. he is a one-of-a-kind character... a man of integrity... a fantastic architect/designer with a streak of both fantasy and fanaticism. his mind is one of his greatest assets, but it has also been one of his most challenging foes. he is a warrior and a gentle soul. in youth football, he was the chris johnson of the league... he could spin around, run past, or plow over anyone between him and his goal (he is still doing this, just on a different playing field with a different goal.) he is a true friend to many in a time when many need a true friend. about a year ago, he became a father, and a new world of learning opened up to this brother of mine, and since then i have had the pleasure of watching the edges of my very intense brother soften... but i would not call him soft. he is a force of good in a world that needs more good.

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