Tuesday, November 9, 2010

halfway there

yesterday marked the halfway point on this project, and all is well. i am still on track with my mission to get a portrait a day of a different person for an entire year... this blog is another subject all together. it was not in the original plan. trying to write a new blog post every day for a year is nothing that i want to be a part of this year... maybe, another time. but, i am doing my best to be fairly consistent with these entries. i just discovered that i am eight weeks behind from the time i take the portrait to the time that it is posted... only sometimes does this fact seem to work against my interests (maybe, today is one of those times.) at this point of the quest, i am still not at all sure what, if anything, this project will become... luckily, i am very pleased with what it is. but... as a creative type, it is a natural part of the process to constantly be considering the steps ahead. i am hoping to steer the portraits in different directions as the next six months unfold. this project began as a tool to hopefully help me become a better photographer, and it is a desired result of the process of learning to apply that which has been learned. i am eager so see how i step into the next half of this marathon, a little tired but plenty determined. the girl pictured here is the face of what i imagined this project would look like... a quick trip to the neighborhood library to return some movies, i made it back to my car and grabbed my camera to begin looking for a portrait (as there was an evident stream of all kinds of people filing out of the library,) and as soon as i turned around, the flowered shirt caught my eye, i hesitated as she and her friend passed, and then i called out with a simple, "excuse me..." she and her friend turned, and the rest is portrait history. thank you, and good night.

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