Monday, November 8, 2010

the joy of bowling

in our culture, there are subcultures. at a nearby bowling alley, a particular one of these subcultures can be found on any given night of the week. though the opportunity for portraits there is plenty, this is only the second one that i have pursued (i do my best to keep it fresh.) this spirited woman was one of two who happened to be hanging out in the parking lot before packing up their bowling bags and heading home. she and her friend were a riot... unsuspecting but ready for my proposition. some of the people that i have approached with my random request strike the stoics pose, while others beam with a joyful, playful radiance. this woman (who hammed it up nonstop,) laughed and carried on with her friend like she was in fourth grade, and i thoroughly enjoyed my brief time with the two of them on this random evening in a fairly strange parking lot. when i walked away, i felt like i had caught a contact buzz from the pure joy that my subject and her friend were sharing. if you get a chance, i highly recommend it.

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