Wednesday, November 17, 2010

now that's something beautiful

WARNING: this post is about my wife and may contain romantic, love-inspired gushiness... proceed with caution. today is actually the 7th anniversary of our first date... a slightly uncomfortable evening, but quite perfect (she and my sister are close friends, and that dynamic flavored both our sushi dinner and the Lyle Lovett concert at the Ryman.) over the next months we both worked through the issues of... dating "my sister's friend" and "my friend's older brother." and over the years, we have learned to love stronger and more unconditionally. she is a saint (or if there is a more appropriate female word, then she is that.) regardless, i nominate her for the best. she is a pediatric occupational therapist; that means that she helps children with special needs learn how to "manage" themselves better in the world. she works with children that require a patient person to guide them for months or years through the arduous process of learning living skills... and she is tops in the town in her field. she cares a lot. she is also married to an artist... and this amazing feat of patience and acceptance is much like working with a "grown-up" with special needs. there are fits of self-centeredness, lapses into absent minded-over occupiedness, and downright idiosyncratic, creative lifestyle behaviors that she weathers, and then, somehow finds a way to love me with more fervor than before. she is the rock upon which this little family is built, and not only are my girls and i blessed by this, but those that we encounter every day also benefit. that, my friends, is the true sign of something special... that her love and support of us is so abundant that it sneaks out into the world through us and permeates others like some sort of love osmosis. (sorry about that, but i warned you about the gushiness.)

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