Tuesday, February 15, 2011

warrior training

this young buck is the fortunate son of the friend of mine who was married in kauai... his dad is a warrior, and thus, he is in training (regardless of whether or not he is wholly aware of it.) it is not an easy role to fill... not in the least bit. he seems to carry the weight quite well; his young body is built for it, and his blood is steeped in the tradition. to see this boy eat was a tell-tale sign of his training. i'm still not sure where all the food went that he ate, because it is not fathomable to believe that it all fit in his stomach. it was a beautiful thing to watch, if you knew what you were watching. otherwise, it could have appeared that he was trying to eat himself to death. but, this warrior in training was stockpiling nutrients for battle on all levels. he is learning the Way, and the missteps are often not mildly affecting, but scorching. i trust that with his teacher trainer father tending to him that he will be well prepared when duty calls, and it will call. the night that i left, after an extremely delicious feast at a local restaurant, we embraced like brothers... more like spiritual kin, and it was good. his father, my friend, was possibly taken aback (and touched,) by the show of connection and affection. Family is family.

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