Thursday, February 3, 2011

her day

if you happen to be looking to get into the photography business, and you are hoping to build a portfolio of your work, i recommend getting a couple of beautiful friends who are planning a wedding in kauai, and following them there to offer assistance in shooting the wedding (it's a working trip too, so a tax write off is available.) so, this was the second wedding that i had ever photographed solo, and it was as close to perfect as it could get. one somewhat unfortunate fact was that because i was in the wedding, i was not allowed to photograph during the ceremony... and all i could do was try to be present as i watched hundreds of beautiful moments pass before my eyes uncaptured by the camera. it was difficult, and at least one time i flinched towards my camera, but restrained myself. the ceremony was magical... set just off the beach at sunset, a backdrop of mountains fading into ocean, two wonderful friends in holy glory. this bride... well, i don't really know what to say that these pictures don't express. it was her day, indeed. i hope that the photos that i took do well enough for her (and him) to summon the energy of that moment in time... it could surely heal the sick.

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