Monday, February 7, 2011


i was sitting streetside at a coffeeshop with the rest of the kauai clan, and we were going around in circles discussing possible options for dinner while i was seeking a portrait for the day. the sunlight was fading on the day, and there, right next door, tending the walk-up window at a cafe was this quintessential native island girl. the blue of the door, the flower in her hair, it was ideally composed without me having to do anything.... or, so i thought. i sidled up to the counter and did my best to casually pitch my proposal to her, and it seemed to be a little awkward. she was at work, and that usually makes my approach a little timid (i am never really sure how able an employee is to participate in my shenanigans,) and though she agreed to the task, i felt like she had stepped out of her comfort zone. in the middle of taking the pictures, i spotted a potential customer come near, and i backed away and allowed my subject to do her job. said customer went to be seated to wait on the food, and i proceeded with my job. i could tell the photos were going to be classic, and she seemed to be happy with the experience. unfortunately, i had forgotten the release form, so i had to explain to her that i would either be back in the next day or two (the cafe was not very close to where i was staying,) or i would send it in the mail to her with a return envelope. all seemed understood, and i went on my way to eat (very well) with the clan. the next day, we took an unbelievably long drive to the other side of the island, and we passed by the cafe on the way... (we parked in the back, and i went to the back door to ask if "sarah" was in, and she was not... one of the clan was near the front of the cafe at this time, and he later let us know that someone at the cafe asked the others, "why was that old guy looking for "sarah?"... made me feel a little bit creepy. oh, well... occupational hazard.) anyway, we went on our way, and i plotted plenty of strategies to get the form signed. somehow, at some point, we ended up back in the neighborhood, and she was at the window again, same pose, similar flower. i moseyed on up to the window with the form, and i felt relieved that this quest would soon end... not so fast, dane. as she began filling out the form, a customer appeared, and she swept the form to the side. the customer sat, and my subject was clearly uncomfortable with the situation. i stood there, uncomfortable myself, and i watched her as she continued to avoid filling out the form... i grew very anxious, and then the cause of the discomfort was realized as the "boss," or "higher up," made himself known along with his grievance. he told me that she couldn't be dealing with me at that point, that she was working, and he was quite upset with me that i wasn't even ordering anything from them. soooo... all that being said, i am still without a release form, but i am willing to post this for the integrity of continuity on this blog. it was quite an adventure with "sarah," and to top it all off, one of the clan members fell in love with her, though they never actually met... and from what i have heard, he is still heartbroken.

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