Friday, February 18, 2011

thank you.

i live no more than a mile from one of the many millions of commercial corners in america. you can get just about anything at one of these such places, and over the course of the last nine months, i have found a dozen or so portraits in the midst of my local commercial district. i have "stolen" from the coffee shop, mexican restaurant, sports bar, two grocery stores, the japanese restaurant, the bowling alley, and now, the hair salon. unassuming people going about their business are vulnerable to "attack" from me when i am on a mission for this project. this woman was trying to close up shop, and i stormed in looking to utilize their bright lights and bold graphics (this was the day that i returned from hawaii, and i was slow to execute my portrait for the day... the sun had sunk, and i was not ready to search long and hard for the shot.) in her business busyness, she did oblige the perfect amount and gave me just a minute of her time. in such photos as these, i get deep satisfaction out of the simple details, the documentation of a specific time and place. america's decor is a most fascinating subject to capture (both the people and the surroundings.) it is the people like this woman that keep so much of our country operating... their showing up and doing the work and holding others accountable... that is what it takes... and we owe her and the millions like her a big "thank you."

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