Friday, February 11, 2011

nine months down

i am now nine months deep into this project, and it is still moving along the set course... i take about six to a dozen portraits of one person every day as i go along my usual business, and i blog about it when there is ample time. i used to be concerned that the lag time between taking the portrait and posting it was too long, but now i don't concern myself with that delay. this was not originally meant to be a photo/blog project, i was just planning on doing the photo part... that was enough. as soon as i began writing about the encounters with my subjects, i (and a number of other people,) noted that the stories were as captivating as the photos... and thus began the updated project. and, i have to say, that i have extremely enjoyed the storytelling aspect. i am a painter, and for almost twenty years, i have told silent stories with that paint, and i have never been known as a storyteller. it has been a great experiment with this blog to indulge myself with the challenge of constructing tiny tales about brief encounters. i am truly appreciative for all of those who have taken their time to read some of these stories and connect on some level to these people who populate this blog (and my life.) at this point, i am posting portraits from mid-october... that means that i have three months left of portraits to take and six months worth of stories to tell. the lack of pressure to post every day is beautiful, and the project is allowed the opportunity to naturally unfold. i am still considering how i will proceed with producing a book based on this project... i have several ideas, but no plan yet. i look forward to continual revealing of the path. i thank you again for your participation. (and not to get to needy, but if you have a minute, and want to help me build a "following," just to the right of this post is a way to "follow" this blog. and, if you get a chance, please forward a link to the site to anyone that you think would be interested in this portrait project... take care. - dane

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