Friday, December 31, 2010

people in my neighborhoods

these are some of the people in my neighborhoods... renting dvd's, bowling, and relaxing on a porch swing. we seem to get involved in the most numerous number of activities ever know to man (or any other species for that matter.) in talking about this project to a recent house guest, i spoke of how it is close to unfortunate that this project is not funded... thus, these subjects are simply people that i happen to run across in my regular daily comings and goings. that often amounts to a regimented series of routes that i travel... one daughter to pre-school, maybe a stop by a coffee shop, to a clients house to paint walls, trim, and ceilings, or to the studio to paint canvases, then back to the pre-school to pick up the daughter, and back home. if i don't catch someone on this well traveled path, i meander on to a random route to hunt and capture the portrait of the day. so, the people that populate this project are possibly not the most diverse group... i am lacking in the realm of "business suit" folks, teenagers, ethnicity, and the elderly. i could work harder to seek out these groups, but, i work plenty hard already, and, there is something about keeping it as simple as using the people that i naturally cross paths with during the day that i desire. this project was not originally intended for the general public to view... it was for my own personal growth as a photographer and human being. so, when the blog began, and you became the audience, i started to investigate how this project would look from an outsider's perspective, and not just mine. i have tried to maintain some allegiance to the original idea while also organically shifting the concept as i learned more about the bigger picture. that being said, this fine looking trio represents those that i have naturally crossed paths with, and those who i have hunted. this is the last post of the year... not the best year, not the worst. i look forward with much anticipation to the coming days and months. happy new year to you and yours.

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