Wednesday, December 29, 2010

don't say "cheese"... say "cookie"

so, some of you may know that as an artist/painter ( ) i utilize civil war era photographs as a starting point for my paintings. it is a peculiar niche that i have found, and aside from the fact that they do not sell extremely well (yet), the experience with the work has been wonderful. if you didn't know, there is a large subculture of folks that do reenactments of the battles and other events surrounding the war; it is also quite peculiar. for several years, i have wanted to photograph a reenactment to use as source material for my work. i finally followed through with that desire when there was a reenactment at fort negley, about a quarter of a mile from my studio. it was just about all that i expected, and i will do it again soon. i am now within days of beginning the first round of work based on the photographs that i took, and i am as eager as i could be... itchy and twitchy, actually. this particular woman was part of an encampment that was one of the first scenes that i saw upon entering the reenactment. she was posed and poised perfectly for my project, and she was quite willing. she shared with me that she is not supposed to smile for pictures, and i thought that was proper... what else is in the details?... you would likely never guess, but, nicely hidden in her left hand is an oatmeal raisin cookie. deeeeelicious, whether your from the north or south.

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