Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dog kisses

this unsuspecting gentleman was a bit confused when my two daughters and i stopped him and his dog as they casually strolled through a park near our house. we were on our way home for the evening, and i was in that place again where i knew that i was not going to want to get back out once i settled in, so, i was needing his portrait bad. i don't think that in his entire life had a stranger stopped him in the middle of his day to take his portrait, so, as one might imagine, he really didn't know how to respond to my random request. luckily for him, and i guess me too, he had his beloved dog friend with him, and that created the perfect distraction from the slight discomfort within the situation at hand. he eventually seemed to grasp the idea that my daughters and i were not up to some perverse prank, and he smiled freely... the kisses from his sidekick surely set him at ease.

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