Sunday, December 19, 2010

green is not just a color

(if you haven't noticed, posting here has really slowed to a crippled pace, and i hope that that will change soon... i miss sharing these wonderful people with the rest of you wonderful people.)

i have painted a lot of interiors over the last ten years, and in those years, i have amassed quite a collection of "leftover" paint... and until recently, it was stored at my studio. thanks to this local artist who uses house paint to create works of art, i have been set free of approximately fifty gallons of unnecessary paint... and he has been gifted with a jackpot truckload of necessary material. i originally came into contact with this budding artist at an opening of his paintings at a downtown gallery. i noted that he was using house paint to create interesting works... maybe, he pours the paint onto a "nonstick" surface, and then cuts it into desired shapes/strips, and then stacks and molds many layers to create a variety of effects with the malleable material. so, i approached him, introduced myself, and i told him that i had just resolved to get rid of a ton of house paint, one way or another; he was very interested. not long afterwards, he got in touch with me, and he told me about a documentary project that someone had asked him to be a part of that was following different ways to be "green," or something like that. because of his use of "leftover" paint, that would usually end up in a landfill, he was asked to be part of the film... and because he would be collecting my extra paint, i was asked to be included in his story. the day that he picked it up was a little bit odd because there was a small amount of "acting," which i was not expecting or accustomed to doing. i have no idea when or if the documentary will air, but i do know that he and i contributed to "greening the planet"... with more colors than green.

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