Thursday, December 2, 2010

gambling with hearts (and diamonds)

to the few of you who regularly keep up with this little blog, i apologize for being absent for a while. i had a large art show to tend to, and then a wonderful thanksgiving holiday... and evidently, keeping up with this blog did not make it to the top of the priority list. i have still been shooting a portrait a day, and it is still adding a little extra to every twenty-four hours. so... this happy woman here is gambling; she is newly engaged. life itself is somewhat of a gamble, and getting married sure throws some odds on the table, with much to win, and thus, much to lose. men and women of all kinds are both lifted to great heights and dumped into great depths because of the opening up of the heart to another. it is one of life's greatest dramas played out in homes across the land... knowing other's stories has made my heart sing and bleed. i am often amazed at how well rounded this experience can be, and, thankfully, my gamble has paid great dividends. i hope that love continues to win in this woman's life, and that fear is discarded.

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