Monday, December 27, 2010

friend since i was five

i have known this young man for about 33 of my 38 years... and, oddly enough, it is his birthday today. these photos were taken at our alma mater's homecoming this past fall... our 20th reunion was held the next night. it is a bit mind-warping to consider the duration of our friendship... mainly because i now have a daughter in kindergarten (which is when i first met this friend,) and to consider the fact that in 33 years she may still be connected to emily, or lula, or catherine is beyond the reach of my present moment's thoughts. so, i won't think about that. at the time of these photos, the sun was setting, and a storm was blowing in, so, i scurried to find a willing alumni to coerce into this type of photo shoot, and this fellow student was up for the task... though he was a slight bit stumped about how to "pose." it worked out well for me as i shot pictures while he sort of casually squirmed and quipped and laughed for the duration (three minutes) of the shoot. the colors are sort of mystical, as is the inclusion of the bounce house's blue horse. happy birthday old friend.

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