Wednesday, January 5, 2011


sometimes, my oldest brother calls his youngest son by my name... it is a curious fact that i (and probably my brother,) have pondered over the years. well, here is that son (on his birthday,) and, he might just look a bit like i did as a kid, but that still doesn't quite add up to my brother's "freudian slips." he is the third child, which i am too, but he is also the "baby" of their bunch, which i am not. anyway, he is quite a piece of work... smart, sensitive, and dangerous. he has most likely, in his twelve years, been admitted to the hospital more time than i have. i could not name the injuries, but they have been plenty, and there will be more. he is just one of those kids that goes for it without considering (or fearing) the possible outcomes. eventually, it may pay off big for him as he gambles throughout his life, or, he will pay big??? who knows? regardless, he will live big and he will have fun. he has also been known to eat sweets like there was no tomorrow... so, if you see him, guard your candy.

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