Saturday, January 8, 2011

building with steel and vegetables

we are building things here... sometimes with steel, and sometimes with vegetables; buildings and chili. from the context clues of where i happened upon this steelworker, i am assuming that he is part of one of the construction crews that is responsible for one of the many "strip mall" area banks or other nondescript architectural structures... this particular one can be found in the depths of bellvue. i am very excited to see what the building will house, not really. anyway, sorry for the bit of sarcasm... the other builder, using vegetable, wowwed the crowd at the annual chili cook-off at my daughter's pre-school. as soon as he descended the stairs to the commons, i wisked him outside to grab the opportunity to include this look in my project. he was willing, but, evidently, there was little he could do, pose-wise, because of the merchandise in his pot-holdered hands. well... after the crowd sampled about 13 different chilis, the votes were cast and counted, and his vegan rendition of the meated delicacy took first prize by quite a few votes... he got my vote. it had a wonderful flavor, and he had named it something that i can't remember at this moment (maybe, after a band from the seventies or eighties,) and i am happy to share that one of the ingredients was celery??? it could seem a very inappropriate ingredient, but it was not inappropriate; delicious is what it was.

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