Monday, January 24, 2011

new friend

lucky for me that i am on this guy's good side. by the countenance here, he looks like he could murder me like some unwanted, cheap character in a gangster film. with the exception of during this dark moment in photography, i get the smiley guy in the color photo... you see, we work together sometimes. i have actually seen glimpses of this photographed darkness in him when something is not going right during a job, but, for the most part, he is a joyful lad full of endless stories about things that he has seen on tv (i think he is in the top 100 netflix customers,) news he has heard on npr, stories about dealing with his friends, attempts at gaining horsepower for his harley, gizmos that he has invented to make his job more efficient, guitarist that shred, spicy chicken sandwiches, and at least a half dozen other random topics... and, the thing is... his memory fails him enough that the stories are likely to repeat at least twice. it makes for a much more talkative work environment than i am accustomed to after spending most of my ten years of interior painting, painting alone. he is aware that i am usually inclined to turn on the ipod and drift away into the days work, but that doesn't usually stop the stories. the good thing is is that he is a wonderful person, and, because of this, i can accept the daily stream of stories (as our difference,) and i gain a friend. as an adult, it is sometimes difficult to make new friends (this may not be true,) so, i feel much gratitude for this new friend. i hope to work with him again sometime, if he will continue to accept my quietness.

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