Thursday, January 27, 2011

those who know it

within this project there are some sub-groups... small collections of people that have been photographed in similar situations. there are the parking lot heroes that i typically find in my desperation as i try to take care of my portrait business before retiring for the night. there are the innocent waitstaff portraits, people who just happen to be in the right place at the right time, and who have already built some slight bit of rapport with me. coffee shop people, walkers, friend's children, and smoke-break takers... the group from which this subject hails. they too are innocent victims... unknowingly placed perfectly backdropped by the building in which they work. i was with one of my daughters late one afternoon, about to go pick up my other, and after that i would be heading home to efficiently pack for a weeklong trip to hawaii. i needed a portrait NOW (then.) i decided to cruise through the mall parking lot, and as quick as necessary, there i spotted a trio of employees, enjoying the cigarettes, chats, and the ideal autumn weather. i asked my daughter (as i tend to do,) do you think i should get a portrait of one of them? she, as usual, said with much confidence, "Yes." as i approached the three, i became bias as to which one i wanted to photograph... the platinum swath of hair and the all black, the numerous necklaces... it was not an uninformed bias... then, as i do, i explained the project, and then asked if one of them would be willing to be "today's portrait." unanimously, the group turned to this well outfitted friend, and casually voted him into the spotlight. from the photos that i took, i am pretty sure, about 100%, that he was very comfortable with the role. some of us just have that in us (probably not me,) the whatever it is that poses "right" and holds every muscle in our face just like the audience would want... i am not positive, but, i believe that those who have it, usually know it. again, i believe that this subject was a perfect addition to this project. my daughter was right again, i should have taken his portrait.

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