Tuesday, January 11, 2011

twice a proud graduate

i have not graduated from college, ever. this ambitious woman has now done it twice. she works as a music and occupational therapist for children, helping them work to improve their functional skills. it is a job that sometimes demands a mountain of patience and river of dedication. kids, i imagine, could easily not realize that they need to change something about their behavior or skill set... it is the parent who signs them up for therapy and takes them every week to attain particular goals. months and years could pass without seeing these goals met, and it is part of the job of the therapist to reevaluate and redirect therapy to best challenge, stimulate, entertain, encourage, educate, and love the children (and the parents.) these therapists, like the subject here, are people that we pass by every day, and most of the time we have no idea how many little human beings they are saving (and have saved,) from the slippery slope of behavioral and physical maladies... bless them, indeed. this particular woman wanted to get a "formal" graduation portrait made to give to her mother who has a collection of her other children's graduation portraits. i don't know about her mother, but i am proud of her.

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