Sunday, March 18, 2012

what difficulty?

countless people have remarked about how difficult it must have been to shoot a portrait a day of a different person for a year. well, this example here is one of the testaments to how easy it was at times. i left my house on this particular night with the mission of finding another unsuspecting person for this project, and i didn't get any further than the end of my driveway. as i pulled down the driveway, there in the light of my headlights, was a neighbor... unsuspecting. i did pull out of the driveway, but immediately pulled to the side of the road to accost him, gently. he was ready, willing, and able, and after a handful of photos, i freed him to continue on his way, and i was quick to get back to the evening at home with my wife. now, that was easy.

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