Wednesday, March 28, 2012


yesterday, upon arriving at my home after the day's duties, i had a wonderful dinner outside on the picnic table with my lovely family and this sweet friend. and, she's not only a friend, but a neighbor too, and that makes for convenience in times of need for both families. as they say, "it takes a village." my oldest daughter went to pre-school with this girl, and now my other daughter is in the same class with the younger brother of the "birthday girl." they all get along extremely well, and that makes for easy babysitting whenever the opportunity presents itself. sometimes, having two extra kids in the house at night makes a parents job easier, because, if the children get along with each other, they will play for hours at a time with no need of parents. not that we don't keep an eye and an ear on them, for that's just plain dumb. anyways, these photos from last year are her sixth birthday photos, and she was as happy as expected. how/why do some of us eventually allow birthdays to become this negative experience? what a waste of happiness opportunity.

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