Sunday, March 4, 2012

these are the people in my studio neighborhood

i found these three folks on consecutive days in the neighborhood of my studio. i may decide one day to attempt a photo project that focusses on that area, because over the ten years that i have been working there, i have witnessed an eclectic, wonderful cast of characters doing what people do. the gentleman at the warehouse entrance told me that he grew up several doors down from that woodshop (and there is an interesting fact about his relationship to that building that i can't remember at this moment.) my brother-in-law works at that woodshop now, and i am blessed to get his assistance whenever i need access to wonderful, huge tools/machines. the bearded and bald guy has worked on several frames for photos for me at one of nashville's premier framing shops. behind the threatening size, the tattoos, and gold teeth, there is a man so gentle that he consistently handles extremely delicate materials as he produces countless frames for clients such as the one and only miss taylor swift. the woman near the train tracks may have just passed through my part of town this one time. i have only seen her this one time, and i caught her before she was gone for good. she was happy and willing to stop and oblige my request... and then she even made a request to have some photos taken without wearing her jacket. the neighborhood is a wonderful place, once a slightly dirty and dangerous sliver of town, but now, somehow, an up-and-coming little pocket of charm and creativity. i am actually meeting tomorrow with several artists to discuss some appropriate steps to take in order to align our hood for further improvements... stay tuned.

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