Monday, March 12, 2012

somewhat vulnerable

this young woman's response to this project was mixed. she obviously took to the camera without too much hesitation... here, she seems as open and vulnerable as any of the many that are included in this collection. But, when it came to filling out the release form, she wanted to withhold as much information as possible. personally, i don't blame her. i expected that to happen much more than it did. giving a complete stranger your contact info, and complete freedom to do whatever they want to the photos is almost inconceivable. time and time again nobody questioned my motives... they trusted me. it really was an amazing experience to watch such a thing take place. again, i thank all of you who took that chance with me and this project... i will repay you in some way, someday. for now, i will simply continue to post un-altered photos on this blog, and do my best to remain trustworthy.

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