Wednesday, February 22, 2012

key employee

as i have mentioned at least once before, my grandfather's restaurant has been in business in west virginia for almost seventy-five years. it is a landmark establishment... i refer to it as an upscale diner. there, it is referred to as a steak and spaghetti house. their spaghetti has been served to JFK and countless other "celebrities", and it is slightly world famous. anyways, the staff there has had some loyalty that is stronger than many marriages. there have been waitresses that have put in forty-plus years, simply serving the community delicious food and a smile. this young man has put in over twenty-five years, even though he may appear to only be thirty or so. his job description now is "key employee." this basically means that he has reached the apex of the employment ladder in that restaurant, unless he is somehow promoted to owner. he has probably done a little bit of everything to help keep the business afloat over the years. i can not begin to imagine what all he has seen there. i am grateful for the countless hours and years that he has devoted to helping my family's restaurant. that business has taught me more than college.

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