Monday, February 13, 2012

here for the party

last year, i threw a 202nd birthday party for abe lincoln. it was a great idea, i thought. those who were there agreed. i will do it again someday. the woman in the scarf in the studio hall was there. she took advantage of my solicitation for a portrait, as she has done some modeling in her life, and it was an easy opportunity to strike a pose. she asked that i photoshop out any wrinkles, but i told her that i don't participate in that practice. i am glad that she conceded and allowed me to continue with my job. the next subject was dressed as a nurse of love at a valentine's party with a medical costume theme... strange, but true. again, i am almost in disbelief at the variety of everything that exists on this plane. it is a joy to be a photographer/artist in this day and age, but it is also quite disheartening knowing that so much of the world passes me by unexperienced. geeez.

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