Saturday, February 18, 2012

and the award goes to....

i painted houses for about twelve years, and this woman (and her husband,) hold the record for changing their minds about a chosen color to paint the walls. and, first, let me say that there is nothing at all wrong with this. one should live in the midst of the "right" color, because the vibe(ration) will effect the living. the only unfortunate about this for them was that it took much longer and cost more than it could have. it is easy to get the "wrong" color, and between she and her husband and me and a designer, we missed the mark three times... so, i painted the room four times, i believe. there may have been a time or two where i just put one coat on to let them live with it, but we tried four different schemes, and finally settled on one. the color in this photo was not the final hue, though i must say that it is a great color in this photograph. i think that i first painted her husband's condo when he was single, then she moved to town, got my number from him, and i painted her apartment. then she moved in with him in the condo, and i did for them in the condo. then, they got married and bought a house, and i have painted there several times. just last month, i had the opportunity to paint the nursery for their daughter who will be born next month. this scenario was one of the benefits of my old job. i was a part of their lives in a slightly intimate way... so much so, that after not seeing them for months, he walked into a coffee shop where i was and moved directly towards me to give me a hug... it was touching. and then he told me they were pregnant. they are a wonderful young couple, and though i am leaving the business of painting houses, it might be that i hold on to clients like this. i think that we settled on Comfort Gray and Sea Salt for their walls... i think.

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