Monday, February 6, 2012

house of portraits

there was one location last year that was the ultimate wellspring for portraits to include in this project. in all, i caught five people at this place, and they were all ideal subjects for this... particular wrinkles, shyness, berets, scarves, grins, spirits. that is exactly why i wanted to do this daily portrait project. we are such a beautiful lot in all of our variations... and we have hundreds of thousands of particularities. how can we continue down the road of acceptance and tolerance? yesterday, for a first grade project, i sat with my daughter and researched rosa parks. it was a more powerful experience for me than for my seven year old, i think, and it was something that i needed. we all have opportunities in life to "not give up our seat." we all have opportunities to love and accept others as "different but equal." i will work on me.

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