Tuesday, February 7, 2012

coupon with a gr

i had a client so generously offer me two of those coupons that people go crazy for online as a gift when i finished painting in his house. he was moving across the country, and he was not going to be able to use them before he departed; i happened to be at his house at the right time. the coupon's value was something like forty dollars of merchandise for twenty dollars, and i now had two of them. the hardware store is one of the few stores that i can always find things that i actually need, and here was an opportunity to go spend some free money... well, of course, it wasn't completely free. anyways, i went shopping, and i immediately asked the clerk for any guidelines/small print that i should know. well, that is where this portrait subject is involved. i was only allowed to use one of the coupons per visit, and i even asked if i could buy something, leave for five minutes and then come back to spend the other coupon... he looked at me as though he thought i was clever, but wrong. i kindly pleaded, and i unwillingly accepted defeat. well, i found an ideal piece of sheet metal to use for a magnet board that i was making for my daughter... and there was something else that i bought, but i forget. after i checked out, i strolled out to my car with a burning in my pocket... that coupon was hot. and there, as i was getting into my car, this woman stepped out of the passenger's seat of the car beside me... BOOOM! there was a two pack idea - my portrait of the day and recipient of the coupon giveaway. she was pleased, as either she or her friend had just moved into a new place and had a grocery list worth of needed items from the hardware store. it was the coupon that kept on being given.

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