Tuesday, November 22, 2011

in no man's land

if my memory serves me correctly, in the thirty-nine years that i have been living here on earth, i have gone to huntington, west virginia to spend thanksgiving with my family every year. there have been no storms, deaths, weddings, football or basketball tournaments, change of plans to thwart this ritual... ever. this portrait was snapped on the day before i departed last year; she is another one of the parking lot portraits of this series... a hero of sorts. these are some of the most unsuspecting folks because they are deep in the midst of the transitioning phase of being in between places... it is a no man's land of sorts. there was a gentleman that i asked before this woman who, with a bit of grumpy attitude, said something like, "Nope, i don't do that kind of thing." i most likely rebutted with some sly cheap shot to poke him in his fear. anyways, i will be leaving again tomorrow for the annual ritual. there is a slight possibility that this will be the last thanksgiving for my aging sittee (arabic for grandmother). she is in her mid nineties, and her will to live has grown tired over the last two years. she may live to be one hundred and nine. i am very thankful for my family roots that are deep and strong.

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