Thursday, November 17, 2011

birthday birthday

this fellow artist is celebrating a birthday today... not terribly coincidentally, this photo was taken on her birthday last year, as she celebrated by painting a mandala type watercolor with her significant other. she is certainly in her element here, both in the studio, and within herself in celebratory style. the tools of the her trade surround her, and i am not going to try to define that trade, because by all accounts, i would simply (with plenty of inferred complexity,) call her an artist by trade. she needs to work with her hands, her mind, and her Spirit. she has never directly told me this, so it could be just another failed assumption, or it could be spot on... who knows? she may tell me if she reads this. regardless, i am glad that she is one of the tenants in the building where i have a studio. to it, she brings a very pleasant energy. happy birthday again.

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