Friday, November 18, 2011

he's got it

here is another one of the artists from the building where i do my Work. i see him from time to time, and it is usually the standard, "hey, how's it going?" and then we move on to our studios or the next place to be... occasionally, we catch up with each other on what's going on in each other's studios. on this particular day, he ran straight into my portrait trap as he was exiting the building. i had just been thinking that as i was going into the building for a stretch of time, it was going to be dark by the time i left, and that would lead to me having to solve the nighttime portrait problem later. he was right on time, and he was styled quite appropriately (whatever that means). he does have a glow about him here, and i like to think that he had just spent several hours with a painting that stirred his "chi" in the most positive way, and now he was beaming. the artist is often a superstar/rockstar of sorts, even if it is alone in the confines of the studio, with only an audience in the mind... it still counts for a lot somehow. i guarantee that you can not wipe that radiance off his countenance.

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