Monday, May 24, 2010

thus begins a project

so... i started this on my 38th birthday; one photographic portrait a day for one year. there are few rules, if any... few expectations. i am following the Guide. after ten years painting interiors, i have come to a point where i feel done with that career. i need something more challenging, exciting, rewarding. i have been a photographer for years at the hobbyist level, and i have realized that i need to move on to the next level with this talent. painting interiors left me alone inside people's homes for 7-8 hours a day, 5 days a week... a lot of being alone. well, this project is about meeting people... seeing beauty in the everyday faces that i run across out in the world. we are a beautiful lot of folks. on the second day of this project i left town to visit new york city for the first time; a wonderful place to see people... maybe, a frightening place to approach strangers and ask if i can take their portrait for a project that i have just begun (and then proceed to ask them if they would fill out a small form that grants me "rights," to publish their image.) to my surprise, the people that i photographed were all more than willing to oblige. after my self portrait, the first person that i photographed was in new york by herself to see a jazz vocalist come out of retirement with a big show near washington square park... the shot was taken just before she went to the show; she was excited, friendly, and wide open, even though her eyes were not. i concluded that she mostly sees with her heart.


  1. This is a great project, Dane. You will grow a lot artistically but I think it will be hard to stick to. Keep with it though. It will be worth it, artistically. Unfortunately I have found that the most difficult part of being a photographer is making the business work. You are an accomplished artistic painter but are enough people buying your paintings to keep you employed as an artistic painter? Can you survive on only what you sell in galleries? I have no doubt that you will produce fantastic images. But so many people have access to good equipment and many of them will steal your business with far inferior work than yours. I wish I didn't sound so cynical but I can't paint as well as you and there are enough photographers already. Ha. Just my two cents worth.

  2. I think it's a fabulous adventure and I look forward to seeing the amazing fruits of your labour. You really must turn it into a book at the conclusion. Thanks for sharing it with all of us so openly and intimately - enjoy the journey!