Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i spied a model

sitting in a coffee shop in new york, i was writing and looking for a subject to photograph. hundreds of people on the street, and the lines on this face caught me as he crossed the street. he entered the coffee shop and idled for a while, and the lingering gave me just enough time to "get the nerve up" to, again, ask a stranger if i could shoot a portrait of them for my new project. as i began my sales pitch, he began complimenting my handwriting (he later confessed that that was not meant as a pick-up line... and i believe him.) anyways... upon hearing my request to take his picture, he said, "How did you know that I am a model?" well, i actually didn't, but, i did see his beauty, and that is what i want to document for this project; we are a beautiful lot of people. so, as a model, he understood the "contract" thing, so there was no problem at all with that... and then we proceeded to go across the street to the brick wall which i thought would backdrop him well. it had been raining all day... i think that he may have wanted to reveal the shirt under the raincoat, but i liked the coat, and i am hoping to document a little bit more of what we naturally present (at a precise moment.) anyway, he was a great subject and a wonderful spirit...

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