Friday, July 8, 2011

with a Bang, not a whimper.

there is a ton of pressure on me as i write this post. first off, the subject of this photo series has an innate ability to spot typos and grammar mistakes within any written content. secondly, she has been not patiently waiting for tons of months for me to spin a storyline to accompany the photos. so, after a fair spell of Resistance, i am here to do just that. this particular day was her birthday, so i called her to track her down and see if she would be willing to participate in this project... and, evidently she was. also evident is the fact that the opportunity for me to photograph her was during her birthday shopping spree at one of those stores that has a little bit of everything. of what i know of her, she is the perfect consumer. she has a knack for thrifty shopping, finding the deals within the rip-offs, and not being swayed by the labels, trends, etc. her sense of style is her very own... it may sometimes be a "miss" to the masses, but it is a "hit" to her and that suffices for style. she also knows how to discard, and how to find the gems within others' discarded. she prides herself on finding roadside treasures that have been deemed junk by the previous owners. she is crafty. she is sometimes outrageous. she would probably do a great job as a co-host of some sort of tv show... it could be a complex documentary of a series of her misadventures as she simultaneously makes people laugh and cry with her witty and brutal honesty... while crafting retro-like objects out of their junk and selling the goods to wealthy trendsetters. (i love the photo of her feeling the fabric on the pillow... it is the perfect "shopping shot." also, the image of her in the night outside of the store is a classic storyline image... you can make up your story.) she is a wonderfully intriguing human being, and i am grateful that i have had a chance to get to know her in this life.

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  1. I love how the only thing you capitalized was "Resistance", it's our little Pressfield secret handshake.
    I feel that when you finish this little project you should allow someone to write a little piece on you, with a self-portrait of course. It is very fun to see how others see you.
    You a re a big sweetie and I am better for knowing you Mr. Carder.